Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16: Gashora Primary School

Today we visited Gashora Primary School.  This is the school that the Softchoice team worked at in 2009 (Myself, Heather and Amy all work for Softchoice). They had put 14 laptops into the school.  We had to buy a generator and a satellite dish for internet access.

Pictured on the side, 4 years later is Amy Hoidas (Softchoice Cares trip to Uganda 2008) and Heather Brown (Softchoice Cares trip to Sri Lanka 2010) each holding a laptop.  We just found out that Gashora Primary School has been granted 481 One Laptop Per Child computers!  This is an amazing accomplishment and a wonderful success built on the original donation by Softchoice employees!

Nick Foster
DWC Team Leader

Rwanda, July 2012

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