Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 15: Gashora

We've finally arrived in Gashora! It has been such a long day, but the entire team is here now! Corie, Heather, Amy, Gary, Mike, Bennett, Maria, Lisa, John, Nick, and myself. Woo! We start working tomorrow. Right now, I'm just marinating in bug spray (it's my African perfume). We'll be heading down for drinks and dinner shortly, but I wanted to post before it got too late and I got too sleepy.

Ah, a cool fact: Rwanda is only now starting to get road/street names... How they get around without those is beyond me.

And a funny fact: the toilets in mine and Lisa's room is incredibly short... And when I say incredibly short, I mean training-potty-short... I'll post a picture eventually.

As promised, here are my TTAA!
1: the boda-bodas - If any of you have been on a motorcycle in your life, you know that it is super fun. However, these African motorcycle taxis are no joke... The road is pretty much theirs. They dodge and weave traffic and get so close to other vehicles that your legs brush up against busses and cars. They're pros though, so it's pretty safe... Sort of. Don't worry, we aren't going to ride on any boda-bodas on this trip... If I could choose, that would be my preferred mode of transport...

2: the little shops - Throughout the urban areas, you can see many little shops that line the streets. They can be small rooms from which people sell their goods. It's really quite cool to see the different coloured shops right next to each other. Sort of like a rainbow dusted with some of that African red dirt.

3: night time sounds - It's a wonderful thing to just sit around and listen to the bugs and the birds chirping and squeaking. The air and the atmosphere just feels fresh (even when you aren't). I can enjoy the bugs' song because as I mentioned before, I am marinated in deet. The sky was also beautifully blue, and the sun was so warm.

Until next time!


Mali Foster
DWC Participant
Rwanda, July 2012

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