Monday, August 23, 2010

Gashora, Rwanda: August 2010 - Sunday's Best.

We started our final day in Gashora by attending mass at the local Anglican church. We were welcomed into the church by Janvier, the principal at Gashora Primary. As we entered, we were greeted by beautiful song and scripture. It's fair to say that I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve, and I haven't been actively participating in the catholic church back home in Chicago. As we spent our final hour with the community of Gashora, in their church, in their community listening to their amazing songs, I couldn't help but wear my emotions. I can't tell you one word that was spoken during the mass, but I was consumed by their incredibly beautiful song, I was consumed by the sense of community in the room. I believe in the power of music, but sitting there today, I think I found some clarity in the role of community. We live in an incredibly complex world, but it's not as big as we make it out be. We live in a global community.

We look out for each other in our communities across North America, but it's important that we look out for our neighbors across the global. What happens in Rwanda or Uganda likely won't make headlines in your local paper, but it has an impact. You might not notice it right away, but it will touch in you in some way, at some time. On the topic of Sunday's best, we did some incredible things this week. We continued to work on the Covaga Innovation Center. In October of 2009, we laid the foundation for the main wing. This past week we finished up the entryway and work is beginning on the roof. We brought over 400 pounds of donations to Gashora in the form of medical supplies, clothing, school supplies, and technology equipment. We showed the movie E.T. at a movie night at Gashora Primary. We donated $1400 to Covaga through the Gashora Basket Project sales (to be used for the purchase of livestock and youth scholarships). We made new friends, we celebrated with old. Above all, we created a stronger bond with our global community.

We are off to Uganda tomorrow morning. We have a couple rest days and then back to work. Another successful trip to Rwanda, and we can't wait to return. With love from Rwanda..

DWC Team

August 2010

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