Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18: Bitter Sweet...Bon Voyage...Off to See the Gorilla's

Our day started today a little earlier than most to allow us to get as much work time in as possible before we began our journey this afternoon to the Gorilla trekking excursion area. We continued our concrete mixing and Congo lines for transporting the concrete into the back room. We are so close to having all of the concrete floors completed! What a roller coaster of emotional the team has gone through this week during the build. Day 1 we were excited and ready to concur. Day 2 was a very difficult day. There was a lot of heavy slugging ‎ and the reality of the extensive labour required to complete the concrete floors deflated us. We thought it was going to be an entire two week job. A good night's rest brought us to day 3 which was our toughest yet most productive day. We got into a rhythm and we rock and rolled on the floor. Walking away at the end of day 3 we were all rejuvenated knowing we would complete the main kitchen area floor morning of day 4.

We taught the workers how to play teeter taughter during break time! Good laughs!

For me (Marianne), it was a better sweet day 5 as it was my last day on the job site as duty calls and I am only able to complete one week of the build. I had the opportunity of saying goodbye to the local trades we worked along side with and the members of Covaga weaver's. They opened their arms to us, showed us their craft and allowed us to get to know them and their families. They will hold a special place in my heart and I will think of them often. I hope their weaving coop sustain and provide income for them and their families.

We are travelling this afternoon from Gashora and stopping in Kigali for lunch before continuing our travels to Muhabura‎. Our lunch was a highlight of the day. We had Burritos and taco from a restaurant called Maze Fresh. It was so delicious and the closest we have had to North American food in over one week.

Next stop was changing buses at the bus terminal. We pulled in and it was like we were steaks in a pack of lions (Awesome analogy Shawn!). OMG Our bus was surrounded by locals and hands we coming into our Windows to either beg or sell us things. We were able to pull out and change buses in a secure area. Thanks for saving us Lama!

Our final stop was at Muhabura Hotel in Muhabura, Rwanda. During our drive the highest elevation we reach going up and down the mountains was 7012 m. Muhabura is 4127M. See the separate images posts from along our travels today.

I guess you call that free riding?!

12 hours and counting down to the beginning of our Gorilla trek! We feel so excited to be able to have this one in a life time bucket list opportunity….keep you posted as long as we escape the Gorilla’s…

Marianne Thompson
DWC Volunteer Participant
Rwanda, October 2013

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