Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15: Day 2

Today we wished we had access to a concrete truck! Wait…I think we will wish this the next many days of the build. This is the reality of building in a third world country. Today we mixed by shovel cement mix, stone (1 ½”) and sand. We lost count of the bags used and as you will see in the photo’s we have a large floor surface to cover. It’s going to be a long process. Backs are sore, arms are sore, it was a hot one and many walked back from the jobsite wearing concrete as well. Even though we have come accustom to the building processes and advanced tools back home, we keep our patience intact and enjoy the experience of working along side the local craftsmen and allow them to teach us how they build.As we discussed the day at our daily after work “pop” session, there was still laughter and fun left in the team.

Kenny working hard!

It was a hard day and yet another great day working with the Covaga group and the locals of the Gashora village. Many of the lady weavers jumped in to help us today. Whether it was in the congo line so we could get the rocks from one side of the site into the new building or helping carrying the wet concrete mix into the building (Did I mention with babies on their back! They were our inspiration to keep going when we got tired!). As we worked along side, we had many conversations getting to know them and their families. They were quite eager to help us translate as well. Many can speak some English as well as French.

During our breaks when we should be resting, you would witness the team members talking with the young children, playing soccer with them, teaching them cart wheels or holding the very young babies. These are precious moments we experience during the day!

Night’s agenda will be sorting through all of the donations we all have brought to donate to the village. We have brought soccer uniforms, soccer balls, footballs, sports equipment and school supplies. It’s important to give to the village the right way so we do not cause a frenzy as well ensuring the most needy receive first. We also want to ensure the school supplies reach the school.

In the upcoming days, we will have the opportunity of visiting the local school as well a few of the locals have invited us into their homes proudly. Some exciting days to come….also 4 days until our Gorilla Trekking Excursion!

Our beautiful ston slugging work from yesterday. Today we began to add a cement layer on top.

Team hard at work mixing concrete by hand.

Marianne Thompson
DWC Volunteer Participant
Rwanda, October 2013

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