Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25: Last Day in Gashora and Convention Center

Today is our last day in Gashora and at the Covaga center. Yesterday's work by the team had almost completed everything for the project (with the exception of the floor finishing that could only be done by the local workers) so the decision was made to have a later start and use the later part of the morning for visits with the women of Covaga and the construction workers. We spent about 1.5 hours with them at the site and there were many exchanges of gifts and tears shed at the goodbyes. We then had lunch at our regular spot in Gashora and got back on the bus for our trip back to Kigali.

For our last night in Rwanda we went to a wonderful restaurant called "Heaven". I would recommend it to anyone who wants a very good quality meal while in Kigali.
And so ends our journey to Rwanda. Many friends and lasting memories were made.

Rick Henery
DWC Volunteer Participant
Rwanda, October 2013

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