Monday, May 27, 2013

May 24: One week to go ...

Today marked yet another milestone on the worksite: we finished roofing the main room of the building! It took more than a week of us rotating working on the roof's frame and hammering in hooks from below, but now the main room which will make up the innovation centre's kitchen is fully covered.

After work, we went on a walk. We visited a farming cooperative that was founded sixteen months ago by a guy who is only twenty six years old! Already, the cooperative of young farmers and landscapers is turning a profit. One of my favourite characteristics of Gashora is the large amount of cooperatives that are run in the town. It really builds a strong community, and keeps its inhabitants invested in improving the town. I can't help but think that Canadian cities could benefit from some sort of system similar to the one in Gashora.

On a much sadder note, today also marks one week until our last day in Gashora. We leave Rwanda next Saturday, but will be spending our last night in Kigali. I cannot believe how fast this amazing month has gone by. It really does feel like we just arrived, but at the same time, every single minute was filled with warm memories and huge accomplishments. With that in mind, it feels like we have in fact been together in Gashora for much longer than just three weeks. I feel like I have known the group members and our friends that we have met in Rwanda for years, and I will truly miss being around them all the time when we need to part ways at the airport.

The relationships I have built with Rwanda and the people I met here have deeply changed me. Though it is devastatingly depressing to think of leaving in just over a week, I know that I will find a way to return to this amazing country as soon as possible to see the progress that has been made at Covaga and the country as a whole.

Natasha John
DWC Student Team Leader 
Rwanda, May 2013

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