Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15: 'Muzungos' Hard at Work

Today was our 8th day working on the Covaga Kitchen and things are moving along great! We start and end every working day in the most amazing way possible: the kids in Gashora absolutely love us "muzungos" (Kinyarwanden for "white person") and will run in huge groups when they see us coming down the road so that they can walk us to our destination. There is nothing cuter than seeing a dozen young children running at you with open arms yelling and screaming for others to come and join them.

We are still finishing up some last plastering of the higher parts of the walls in the building. We also have a frame for the roof well on its way - thanks to the skilled labour of some hired welders. It is totally fascinating to see the many ways that they make do with the limited tools that they have. They are very innovative and do not waste anything in the construction process.

We are all fully enjoying our weekly purchases of the Covaga products. Their baskets are absolutely stunning and they also make beautiful bags, bracelets, earrings, coasters and other items. We are spreading out our purchases between the women in the cooperative and throughout the duration of the trip so that they have money each week to spend on more materials.

Goats are everywhere in Rwanda. We see them walking through town on leashes all the time, often easily mistaking them for dogs. On our walk home today we saw an adorable baby goat and its momma by the side of the road munching away on grass. The kids picked up the baby so that we could pet it. Cuteness overload!

This weekend we will be going to Akagera National Park in a safari jeep. We are all super excited!

Sarah May
DWC Student Team Participant
Rwanda, May 2013

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