Monday, October 29, 2012

October 26: Building the Covaga kitchen, a construction perspective!!

Under the guidance of our tradesman and our Boss Pierre (the Mayor) our team helped build the columns and walls for the Covaga Kitchen.  We learned to break stones, make bricks, carry bricks, make mortar and carry mortar.  Kim, Brenda and Chris picked a column then a wall and started building.  Mike and Faran jumped on bicycles with their kids as helpers and rode to the nearest slough for water, complete with tadpoles!  When it started raining so hard we were able to fill all of the containers and a make a shift pool, all in aide of making mortar with Vincent our local tradesman cement man, singer, dancer and youth worker.  Jess and Hasti worked steadily on the back curved wall and were lifting the blocks higher and higher as the wall progressed.  Jen spent much of her time helping tradesman Thomas (Fresh) keeping him supplied with cement while at the same time answering all of everyone’s questions.  I helped tradesman Edward and hauled bricks to various stations.  None of us were afraid to have some fun and take a break to photograph the kids, or play some games.  Cedric, our guide and interpreter worked with us building, interpreting and teaching us culture and having fun.  We all worked hard as a team with the tradesman and are happy to have accomplished so much in two weeks but we are also sad to be leaving our new friends including the tradesman, the children and all of the wonderful weavers at the Covaga Innovation Center.  Next project … Building the roof!!!!

Russ Carmichael
DWC Participant
Rwanda, October 2012


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