Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23: Safari Adventure

On Sunday we headed out to Akagera game park on safari. Lama's cousin Billy arranged 2 Land Rovers for us with drivers. It took about 2 hours there and back and we spent about 4 hours inside. We saw lots of zebras, impalas, taupies, water buck, water buffalo and a few giraffes. We even saw a baby giraffe and some baboons but the latter were a bit shy and ran away from us. The highlight seemed to be the hippos. One female came entirely out of the water and was walking on land. She tolerated us taking photos of her for a while before returning to her pond. It was a long, hot dirty day with not much in the way of washroom facilities but we had a great time.

DWC Participant
Rwanda, July 2012

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