Monday, July 23, 2012

July 21: Our last day on the project

Hey all!  Today was our last day in Gashora (sad face), but we managed to put up another kitchen garden, and work on the fencing. I shoveled and moved soil from one place to the next, pretty much the whole morning. It's mad tiring work! And it was so hot out... The sun was really not letting up at all. I wore my white -tshirt today... It got super dirty (what a surprise). I can't wait see all of the pictures from this trip!! I haven't seen any at all. I didn't bring my camera and left it to my father and his mundo-cam to document our trip in pictures because I agreed to do this blogging. When we came back to Gashora to join up with the part of the team that was working on putting a fence around Covaga's property, we were relieved to be able to sit down. Also, I have collected 5 friendship bracelets from the little girl I played catch with. Super cute.

Anyways, here's Corie.... She'll give you the 411 on this afternoon and her TTAA's.

So the 411 on the afternoon goes like this...lunch was long and leisurely today. Some of us were a bit tired from our very physical work week (see Lisa's photo of John).  We had rice, a mash of veggies, French fries, and plantains! 

Upon the conclusion of lunch, we headed back to our home base of Covaga. We thought we might be going to the Genocide Memorial but that didn't happen. We then got busy helping to build Covaga's barbwired fence. Now that was tough work. The grief involved with trying to put up this fence are mainly twofold:  the one roll of barb wire was buckling and then it was tough to get enough tension in the fencing to secure it well to the posts - that's our North American perfectionism coming out - I guess we have to earn more of the African way - Hakuna Matata!

After the fencing project started wrapping up for the day, I (Corie), started an impromptu dance party with a few other the children. Many were giggling at my crazy white person moves! 

We soon were shuffled inside Covaga for our final celebration.  We sat with the ladies inside Covaga and listened to a few speeches- Lama, two Covaga ladies, and a few of the men we've been working with this week including Roger and Chance. We were supposed to sing for the group but we got saved by Roger and the ladies breaking into song. Many of us got up and danced - all good fun.

Once this celebration wrapped up, we walked over to the basketball court to watch the local teams play. We did not last long as it was already 5:30 pm. We all wandered back in a trickle - I wandered back with Mali and a bunch of local children. I got them singing "Old MacDonald's Farm" much to Mali's delight at my animal noises.

We returned to La Palisse around 6pm - just in time to clean up for dinner. The food was good and dessert was even better - maple fudge and chocolate. Now it's time for cards...

My TTAA's:
1. I love the people - they are so warm and welcoming.
2. I love the singing and dancing and the amazing attitude and feeling that goes with it.
3. I love the 'Hakuna Matata' mentality.

See you later all -no worries - be happy.

Now for a repeat guest appearance that he cannot refuse as I'm his new best friend .... Bennett is back with his TTAA's
1. I love how there are so many little ones running around, all of them happy and curious.
2. I love how people in Rwanda want to do so much for their country and to do the best they can to make it a better place.
3. I love how easy it is to have a connection with people here even though their is a language barrier.

Mali, Corie & Bennett
DWC Participants
Rwanda, July 2012

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