Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 14: In Kigali, Rwanda

We finally made it to Rwanda!! It's day two and we are at the La Palisse in Kigali. Everyone's bags got here and everyone is safe.

Upon our descent into Kigali, we could see a lightning storm in the distance. It was pretty much a huge black mass of cloud which would sporadically flash white light. It was quite beautiful. I also watched my second sunset during our flight which was simply breath-taking.  As we lowered onto the Tarmac, we could see the many twinkling lights on the hills but because the hills were hidden by the night, all you could see we're sparkling lights on what appeared to be a canvas of deep darkness. To me, it resembled the stars in the night sky.

So here we are, seated around a round table in the hotel's dining hall. The satisfaction that we've finally made it to Rwanda goes well with cold Tuskers and Primus' (the local brewskis).

Looking forward to a restful sleep tonight! Tomorrow night, we head for Gashora.


Mali Foster
DWC Participant
Rwanda, July 2012

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