Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2011: Reflections from a Volunteer

One word: wow!

The life over here in Rwanda is so far from our lives in Canada, it's so important to experience in order to put things in perspective. The little town of Gashora is filled with beautiful, appreciative people that are barely getting by. Mud houses, dirty clothes, torn shoes, and big smiles!!

As we walk from our hotel to the work site in the morning, kids pop out of the bushes yelling MUZUNGU!! which means white person, but they don't say it to be rude. They are genuinely happy to see us and walk with us, holding our hands.

The work is tough: hammering, sawing, painting, shoveling. But it's fun to all work together and we break for great food. We're working with a group of local construction guys who are super cool as well as the Covaga women. They work with us, carrying things on top of their heads and strapping babies to their backs- pretty amazing women. They sit beside us, weaving their beautiful baskets, hats, bags etc. I went into their little shop yesterday and was overwhelmed with the amount of things to choose from. I selected a basket, 2 hot plates, a peace basket and a purse! On the work site I don't really think about if I can do it or not, I just go for it. I may be left with cuts and bruises by the end of the day but a bottle of cold Primus beer smooths everything over.

Amy Ruttan

DWC Participant 

Rwanda 2011

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