Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gashora, our host community, lies beside one of Rwanda's many beautiful lakes. It is much dryer here than in Kigali and the hills are softer as though someone has rolled them out with a rolling pin. The community has been very welcoming, for quite a few this means a new pass time of watching the Muzungus while we work. We have made many friends, played a few games of basketball and have been practicing our Kinyarwanda. All in all Gashora will be a lovely home for the next two months.

Covaga is a women's collective working in Gashora to fight poverty though their incredible talent for weaving baskets made from water hyacinth and papyrus. The women are kind and seem to be constantly giggling usually at our attempts to speak Kinyarwanda. These women are strong, patient and empowered. They dress in colourful traditional dresses and sit comfortably in the shade weaving for hours. Sitting amongst them in silence can only be described as serenity.

Jen and Dan
DWC Student Team Leaders
Gashora, Rwanda, May 2010

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