Tuesday, May 25, 2010

African Scene

The travel took thirty hours, but we've landed safe and sound. we've met Lama Mugabo, our host and director of Building Bridges with Rwanda. we made it out last night- our first night in Kigali- and walked around, went to a few restaurants and had a few beers with Lama.

Not much has happened to this point, but I will leave you with a little anecdote:
Yesterday morning, we were flying into Nairobi International Airport. Having flown over night, it was the tail end of a long, dark, 9 hour flight. We flew over many things that we wished we would have been able to see; the sahara, Lake Victoria, the mountains of Kenya. but just as we were making our final approach, the sunrise poked gloriously over the horizon out the window over my left shoulder. The cocktail explosion of colors would be hard to do any justice by mere description but there was however two Kenyan men sitting directly behind me who summed it up best. They had been quiet for the duration of the flight, but seeing the sunrise one leaned over to the other and said to the other in his distinctive Swahili accent: "it's beautiful, no? this is an african scene."

Dan Couture
DWC Team Leader
Rwanda 2010

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