Wednesday, December 9, 2009

October 12, 2009

Today the team's work over the past year finally got to the action in Africa stage! We had some meetings with the local mayor, with the Gashora Primary School Principal and with the Gashora Women's Cooperative. When we arrrived at the Gashora Primary School the roar that went up from the classrooms was incredible! We felt like rock stars. And then, the kids all came rushing out of their classrooms to swarm us! This is an experience that can't be explained.
We started work on the Basketball and the Volleyball Courts! The first stage was to rip up the existing brick structure. We had many local boys and men to help us in the morning but when we came back after lunch it was just the 5 of our guys and a few 10 year olds. After about an hour 10-12 women came along and formed a line to pass the broken bricks! It was efficient and a good lesson for us on teamwork.
The rest of the team spent the afternoon sorting through the many donations - getting all of the medical supplies together, all of the sporting goods together and getting our laptops loaded with Microsoft Office. Thanks to everyone who donated items - they will be much appreciated!
It is 6:30 in the evening here and it has been dark for an hour already. The power went out a while ago and I am typing this update in the dark. We are so lucky! We get three meals a day, running water, the occasional hot shower, electricity, a bed and a roof over our heads. This puts us at a living standard with the top few percent of people in Rwanda. We take so much for granted in North America!
Tomorrow will be time in the classroom with the teachers and more construction. The Information Technology Teacher in our school has never used a computer so our work is cut out for us!

Till the next update!

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